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Joint Resolution 20110523-02

201105310v1.2 * * * Joint Resolution by Congress 20110523-02 * * *
Joint Resolution – Affirm and Document our Nation’s Foundation
by Constitution for Republic Form of Government.

The Joint Sub Committee on Governance Affairs recommends the following time frames and procedures to affirm and document achievement of standing for free states in Union. This resolution establishes remaining minimum requisites to confirm re-inhabitation and document our Nation’s Foundation by Constitution for Republic form of Government.

Be it resolved that:

1) Within 21 days after ratification of this resolution, each free state in Union demonstrates their achievement by affirming establishment of the following offices and filing such verification with Republic Congress as follows:
a) Provide new State Contact Form (SCF) by witness containing the following five (5) active officials as free state in Union contacts for Republic to state communications with the three state branches of the Republican form of Government. Verification by witness affirms that each active contact has minimum documents (or their equivalent) on file within their state records.
I. Active contacts for Republic to state communications include:
i. One (1) State’s records keeper;
ii. One (1) executive branch official;
iii. One (1) judicial branch official;
iv. Two (2) legislative branch officials including one (1) Senator
and (1) Representative.
II. Five documents per contact filed within state records include:
i. DSR – Declaration of Sovereign Rights (aka Inherent Rights);
ii. JC – Jural Covenant;
iii. IND – Declaration of Independence;
iv. OATH – Oath of Office;
v. Proof of election or appointment such as minutes, election results, official memo, etc.
b) State’s records keeper and witness verifies state contacts and keeps current minimum valid documents comprised of the five (5) active contacts, on file, as designated in a secure location by Republic Congress.
I. Three forms to file with Republic Congress include:
i. State’s records keeper Database Non-disclosure agreement (DBNDA)
and Oath.
ii. State Contact Form (SCF) by witness which includes the following applicable
information about each of the four (4) officials and records keeper:
a. Name (current and if applicable previous);
b. Contact information to include phone(s), email(s);
c. Status (add or remove); and
d. Effective dates (start and stop);
e. Optional fax, skype.
II. Update requirement: post a new complete State Contact Form (SCF) document containing both the current and prior (changing) contacts within seven days of effective date they wish to be recognized.
c) Republic Records Bureau jointly with Republic Congress, is Responsible for the
I. Develop and provide two new forms for this process:
i. State Contact Form (SCF) and instructions;
ii. Republic Contact Form (RCF) for minimum communications with the state’s records keeper and four state Officials;
II. Republic Contact Form (RCF) includes email and phone contact for each of the
following six (6) Republic offices:
i. Secretary & Deputy Secretary Republic Records Bureau;
ii. Senate Admin and Senate Pro Tempore of Republic Congress;
iii. House Admin and House Speaker of Republic Congress.
d) Each official is self-responsible to notify all of the parties listed above with changes to their contact information or their need to be replaced.
2) Chain of Custody transfer of original State Acknowledgment and Affirmation of Union documents consisting of three branch office holders original autograph from state to Republic is complete (except as of 31 May 2011, Massachusetts, Georgia, Delaware, Rhode Island and New Jersey which must expand their offices to complete the three branch autographs).
3) Once all fifty states’ State Contact Forms (SCF) and remaining three branch State Acknowledgments have been received, established, and all states have standing as ratified above, the ongoing administrator process of this Joint Resolution by Republic Congress 20110523-02, may be reviewed for amendment, replacement or termination.

Voted upon in Republic Congress Assembled; May 31, 2011
Yeas: ________________ Nays: ________________ Absentees: ________________
: Witnesses :
For House of Representatives: For Senate:
Mark Wayne Lounsbury Jeffrey Smith
Speaker of the House Acting Senate Pro Tempore

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