God’s Republic

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God’s Republic

By:JamesTimothy Turner
December 16,2012
Out of the hearts of men there was born
The hope of a government Republic in form;
For the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free
Not the home of the slave and land of the Fee;
The Fathers of old looked down from above
With Faith and with Praise and most of all Love;
To see “We the People” Finally stand
And bring the Republic back to their Land;
A small band of Americans who truly loved God
Stood where most warriors did Fear to trod;
They knew the Risk and counted the cost
At times it seemed the cause was just lost;
They struggled and worked and sacrificed much
They were demonized, hated and held in disgust;
“UNITED STATES” leaders said we can’t let this stand
We have to destroy them down to the last man;
They called in the Marshalls and FBI
We will take out their leader we’ll have to use Lies;
The President is the one that matters
If we take him down the rest will just scatter;
Spies were sent in to tear us apart
Want to be leaders who have evil hearts;
The Presidents gone you must follow us
But the People of God put up quite a Fuss;
They said we will stand in God we will trust
This network of yours is not working for Us;
The People decided to Follow the Plan
That God gave America with his own hand;
God looked down with a smile on His Face
And said to Yeshua it’s time for some grace;
God sent His own Spirit to cover the land
I’ll deliver the Republic with my mighty hand;
The People awakened with a big Yawn
The Corp is in trouble a new day has dawned;
The American Republic grew stronger and stronger
The “UNITED STATES” Corp could hold out no longer;
The People arose and took back their home
Not long after that the evil was gone;
Back in his jail cell the President prayed
They said he would weaken just give him some days;
In spite of their efforts he only grew stronger
How can this group hold out any longer?;
They have no money they have no support
Yet they are standing up to the “UNITED STATES” Corp;
Lucifer told them you know I beheld
A time in the past we tried to kill twelve;
They were his disciples the numbers just grew
The more I destroyed the more God renewed;
That battle I lost and I was unseated
I Fear that mistake has just been repeated

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