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Republic-Of-New-Mexico-Great-Seal-2011-sm  MISSION STATEMENT

Our Mission is to restore righteous lawful government to the American People.
This is necessary because of the fraud, abuse and theft perpetrated by a for-profit corporate entity known as the UNITED STATES Government. This entity has been posing as the lawful government for nearly 150 years unawares to most Americans.
  • We hold that the American People have a right to know the whole truth

Life does have its disappointments; but so it also provides elation and moments of inspiration. My five years with RuSA has been that sort of yin/yang yo-yo experience.

The only time in my life that I was prepared to vote for a president was when Alan Keyes was almost a candidate; but the System saved me from joinder. My political aspirations have totaled two runs for sheriff in Jefferson County Colorado, both of which landed me in jail ~ so twice again I was saved from joinder with a hopelessly corrupt Satanic System.

RuSA is a different story and I knew it long before reading the Declaration of Sovereign Intent. . . As a matter of fact, I knew it long before RuSA came into being. I knew that the original De Jure American Republic was laying naked and uninhabited since the early 1990s. In early 2011 I joined. It is the first political organization I’ve ever participated in.

Because of some things I found queer, I set RuSA on the back-burner until 2015 when the Two Signs I was waiting for came: The Blood Moons, one on PassOver, and the official release of the Declaration of Sovereign Intent. This time I jumped in with both feet and began working in earnest to build the Republic States {} and my state {} as well as developing a plan to bring OathKeepers and County Sheriffs together at the local level {} & {} in order to develop the state Republic structure and create vibrant local economies nationwide {}.

Unfortunately, RuSA’s national leadership has proved to be far less than honest; either by intent or default. As Alan Keyes oft stated: “when you see normally intelligent people doing really stupid things, you have to consider the possibility that it may not be an accident.”

Although a constitutional quorum is required for a Republican form of government to exist, RuSA’s Leadership does everything they can to prevent prospective states from joining and those who have joined are dismissed for minor disagreements and no discussion is allowed. RuSA’s interim temporary unelected president and the people he has surrounded himself with by ‘appointment’ are all united in ostracizing people who have a drive to actually build their states and re-seat the original American Republic. Too queer for me to explain. . . other than perhaps their “Secret Compact” with the De Facto Satanic Corporate cabal that interim temporary Vice-President Dan Owens revealed on the Michigan Assembly call and has oft been alluded to by others like the ‘appointed’ interim acting Chief Justice Pete Moake, requires that RuSA’s upper management short-stop any real progress in completely restoring the Original American Republic in order to safely operate without the threat of incarceration such as what ExPresident Tim Turner has experienced.

None-the-less, the path is perfectly clear to me and others: Local County Sheriffs backed by an OathKeeper Posse with the support of the local People is the obvious answer to bringing freedom and prosperity back to America. . . County by County. So that is where I will be extending my effort henceforth. Let me know if you want to join the effort; you don’t have to sign up or swear any oaths you have not already taken.

James Geiger, Dan Owens and other RuSA rulers have refused to discuss any of the questions I have and have banned me from their weekly Wednesday Build the States Call, which is RuSA’s only interface with the public.

I will leave comments open everywhere I post this controversy so that they may have the opportunity to present their case.

The People can also call in on their Build the States Call at: 605-562-3140 with Code 133512# and hit *61 to ask your own questions of RuSA’s current rulers. You might even want to ask when the next Election will be held. I’d be surprised if they can tell you ~ or will. None of RuSA’s current Rulers have been elected, so far as I know.

There are only seven states in RuSA right now, so they do not have a constitutional quorum and therefore do NOT have a government. . . just a club that many folks refer to as a cabal.

The simple solution is to work on building your own state’s de jure government and call for a national election.

May YHVH richly bless and keep you all in His Love & Protection,


  • We hold that the American People created a Constitutional Republic for the United States of America and never gave permission for a foreign controlled corporation to govern.
  • We hold that the American People have God given unalienable rights as stated in the Declaration of Independence which are reserved exclusively in the Bill of Rights. That no government has any authority to remove, restrict or infringe any of those rights.
  • We hold that the National government is bound by the Constitution for the United States of America and has no authority outside of that contract except for those statutes, laws and treaties that are lawfully legislated which are not repugnant to that contract.
  • We hold that the American People have a right and duty to re-inhabit their Constitutional Republic for the United States of America.
  • We hold to be true the statements of George Washington, John Adams and others who stated similarly, that this form of government would only work for a religious and moral people.
  • We hold to and accept the responsibility of self governance as described by the Declaration of Independence.
  • Expose those events and documents which unlawfully changed our form of governance.
  • Expose the abuses, fraud and theft committed by the corporation.
  • Move the American People to an election of office holders and representatives fully restoring the original Constitutional government as defined in the Constitution for the United States of America c. 1788


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    root December 13, 2015 at 8:03 am #

    The text in purple above are directly from the RuSA website. My text is blue, under the video.

    I agree with RuSA’s mission statement.

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